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Starting over…. with no fears, with no pain? changing my life to be with you, and now missing everything and every part of what was.

It was only you and I.

Now I have to walk without showing pain or fear, Show the world an illusion.

If only you knew that I still need you. It could have been so easy, but you let it dissolve with your ego and your fears for what could be.

I feel guilty for wanting to forget you, for wanting all those memories to leave my mind, for those feelings to leave my heart. I just want them to leave, the same way you left my life.

in silence I confess, to my sorrow I scream.

It hurts not being with you, not hearing your voice, I drown myself in all the white noise and I can’t help but want what I shouldn’t have.

its hard to learn how to say “I’m sorry’.

pride was what went wrong.

The farther your away, the harder it is to be happy.

Time escapes me, imagining you coming back.

How can I let go. I want to let go and start over.