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This story came to me at work, out of nowhere I hear a woman
crying. I turn to see who it was, but I was alone. I heard it again, so I listened
to find out what was going on I didn’t understand what the child did and why
the mother was so upset. I was trying to figure out what was going on. It’s funny because it was my story but I had no idea who why when where or what the hell was going on, this story had a mind of its own.  So I will now tell you the story exactly the way it came to me please enjoy.

“Why! Why! Why!” She whispers

The woman crying and crying can’t contain her sorrow

“It’s gonna be okay mommy, don’t cry.”

The woman tries to ignore him as she covers her face with
her fist.

“Mommy are you mad?” he asks very kindly.

“STOP!” she murmurs.

“I’m sorry mommy did I upset you” he asks her.

“Would you just leave me alone” she yells at him while she
puts her headphones on the loudest it can go.

The child hears the song and can’t help but to hum the song “hmmmhmmhmmhmm”
he starts “hmmmhmmmmhmmm.”

“FUCK” the mom whispers.

The child quickly stops and apologizes to her “ I’m sorry I know
you only play that song when your upset but I like it I won’t go it again… never
again, but it’s okay.”

“Do you think I could have had a cowboy party when I turned
five?” he asks her wondering what could have happened.

What do you think my first day of school could have been

Do you think I could have been a football star?

What do you think my first word could have been?

“STOP!!! I didn’t ask for this I didn’t want you, STOP
making me feel bad I don’t want to feel this anymore!” She tells him.

Silence fills them both.

“Mommy this is the last time I will ever bother you it’s
gonna be okay I know it was not your fault, even though we have not really meet
I love you so much……. Goodbye mommy.” He says as he fades into the nothing

That’s when it hits her like a bag of bricks right to the
face she understood what she was doing and didn’t want it. In shock of what she
had realized she froze there still unable to move.

“Ma’am …. Ma’am yes ma’am are you ready?” Its time the doctor

NO she stands up and tells the doctor “I’m keeping my baby!“