Please say you love me, Tom asked Emily.

AHHHHHH! Emily Screamed, Saying “I love you” losing herself in the beaming light. remembering the last few hours she had spent with Tom.


Mom… Mom… Moooooom,

What is it Emily.

“have you seen my black boots”. Emily asked

“What those old things, I told you I was going to give them to Goodwill” she answered. 

 WHAAAT! why would you do that mom, you know tom gave them to me for our anniversary now I have nothing to wear tonight, she yelled.

TONIGHT?  her mother confused to why she would say tonight asks, “what are you doing tonight?”

Emily answers in that braty teen kinda way, “with Tom Hello”

The mother yelled in disagreement “You are not going near that boy he is no good for you he treats you bad, he doesn’t care about you and he doesn’t love you.”

“he does love me as much as I love him, and he does show that he loves me he gave me those boots out of love and you go and throw them away at a stupid thrift store, Emily argued.”

she runs upstairs to get ready to leave, she closes her bedroom door and steps in front of her closet when she hears the door lock. her mother is on the other side of the door, waiting to hear what Emily says

Emily notices that the door was locked from the outside.” AHHHHHH! let me out mother I’m no animal you can’t leave me in here” she screams “I HATE YOU.”

Not knowing her mother was dying from the pain those three words had caused her. an hour passed and her mother was calm and divides to let her out and make some dinner. she walks to her room and asked her to come out, but there was no answer. she knocks again…. again…. and again so she opens the door to an empty room with the big window wide open……


A young man drives in with a big black motorcycle and as soon as he stops, Emily just umped out of nowhere and on to his bike. Tom was confused about what was happening. 

Emily yells “GOGOGO!”

 “Whats going on Emily” he asked

“I’ll explain later I promise now go!!!” she answered

“Okay let’s go” Tom said

as they leave the drive way Tom hears a scream

“Was that you mom Emily” tom asked


they got to the top of a huge mountain, they stayed there for hours. she tried to prove her mother wrong by getting him to show his feelings but he did nothing, nothing at all to prove his love to her.

“let’s go” tom said

“WHAT” Emily questioned, mad at the fact of her mother being right

“Its tim to go” Tom replied.

they make their way to the motorcycle, and tom tryed to hold Emily’s hand and she pulls away. they get on the bike and take off. Emily forgot her helmet but her pride wouldn’t let her talk to him. Tom made his way down the huge mountain. with a great speed>

“Are you mad?” tom asked as the bike goes faster.

she didn’t answer .

“Are you mad?” he asked again as the bike kept going faster.

“You are going to fast slow down” she says.

 ” What you scared?” he asked.

she says “yes im very scared please slow down” .

he says “Ok only if you say you love me”.

I love you, I love you but please slow down” she says.

“Absolutely if you give me a hug so hard like you’ve never done before” he tells her.

she gave him the hug and told him once again “PLEASE slow down NOW!”

“Yes baby, but only if you take my helmet of my head and put it on yours” he says.

She takes the helmet of and puts it on her self and tells him again “SLOW DOWN”


The next morning on the news there was an article, that on that same road there was an accident in which a young man and a young woman were traveling by motorcycle. one of them died…

SEE he had already known that he had no breaks long before she had asked him to stop. he asked her to tell him she loved him and to hug him because he know that was the last time he would be with her. He asked her to put the helmet on to save her life even at the cost of his own.

He showed his love at the last moment

Dont wait untill the day comes when the people you love are gone to show your love … or to say  I LOVE YOU