buning ash

burning completely

Life is an unexpected thing; your complete world could change in a matter of seconds. As we all nothing is ever perfect or would we want it to be, and even though it’s not it could all go worse. The thing is to learn from what happens to you and know it could go worse.

Now the real test is getting up after you’ve been knocked down

It’s very easy to really see what your actions have caused, when you had time analyze the situation, to breathe, to see your own mistakes. The bad thing is that when you stop it’s too late. Too late because the heat burned and turn turned you into flames. That fueled your anger consumed your hole self. Words burning as they leave your tongue hurting the people you love.

So what do we do after the fire burned, and turned it to ash? Do we let the ashes blow with the wind or do we let the heat consume us.