In the middle of nowhere stuck under this dry tree. Looking out to the far endless land of dirt.

I stand here alone, not knowing how I got here. To this hot and dry place.

The heat is overwhelming. I lay on the sizzling floor, pulling my knees closer to my stomach. When I hear a “beep”

I just heard it once. That’s when I got up and looked for whatever was making the sound. A breeze of hot air hit my skin like burning razors. Cutting through my skin. Making my blood boil.

Suddenly ther was a dark shadow over my head. I didn’t want to look, but did it anyway. It  was a huge dark cloud. A cool gust of wind hit my face. It hit me by surprise. With my eyes closed I felt every breeze caressing my body, like I’ve been waiting for this, my hole life.

The smell of the wet dirt filled my mouth with that wonderful taste. My bare feet On the damp dirt. Soon the emptiness was full, full of rain. It was now an endless ocean. I closed my eyes as the water passed my knees, feeling so peacefull.

I face up to see the cloud. Before I could open my eyes, a huge drop of water fell on my face.

That’s when I woke up

I woke up to a bed full of water

I had forgotten to turn the stove off, and the water sprinklers filled my house of water.

So now I know when you forget to turn off your stove

“It pours”