People can be cruel, bad, harassing, laughing, playing practical jokes.
But what they don’t know that its all fun and games ’till someone gets Burned.

My name is Emily and this is my story

I would start from the beginning, but I don’t think you want to hear about my first “baby words” or see pictures of me in diapers… So let’s just fast-forward to junior year. This year started like the two before, lost. Even though I had already been in this school for the last two years.

Sitting at the far back side of the classroom, in the little dark corner. I made no sense to all the other people. A wierd, crazy, loser, emo, loner, little girl.
Soo many clicks in this school, and I don’t fit in with any of them. I have been the center of humiliation all of my “social life.” I was fine with it but, everyone has a limit I and I had reached mine

I was invited to a party. I should have been suspicious with that alone, but everyone wants to hope for the best. Invited by my life crush was good enough for me

I get there, everyone was oddly friendly. People who once called me four eyes, freak, loser, etc. Now called me by my name. People who once shoved me in the hallways, now made way for me to pass. People who throw food at me, now offered it to me.

Unknowingly, I walked into the worst day of my life, the day I would change forever. This was a completely different world. I could see it but, I was blinded by there acceptance

It all had to end. They lured me to the living room, I was wearing the most beautiful white dress. My hair was pulled up. I had never dressed this way. I felt special, different, “somebody.” I was in my own world I felt complete like I had never did before. All that complety changed.

A Sharp pain in my spine woke me from the wonderful world I had build in my mind. The sound of a huge tear, grabed my attention, a rough pull on my hair dropped me to the floor.”What is going on” I asked. All I heard was laughter, I could see all of them just standing all around me.”Did you really think you where our friend now?”

I tried to make sense of the voice but it was to confusing. I stood up but they kept pulling on my dress, ripping it all over. The voice came closer “you need to leave forever” I saw a dark blur coming into focus, it was him the “love of my life” the distrait feeling turned to anger.

“Worthless,” “stupid,” “loser,” “ignorant,” “ugly.” All of this echoed all around and that anger now turned into fury.

As they kept showing there hatred to me, I was in flames in my mind. Every word made my vains pop one by one. My eyes turned red my dress turned black. Another pain in my back made my fury burn hotter. One after another they take a stab at me.

But now I couldn’t feel anything. One hit and my mind burst, and made a lamp explode. Another hit and my mind made the window shatter. They stop in panic. They run to the door but I lock them. I couldn’t stop the fire I was starting, but like I said, this day was going to change my life change me … forever.

Now I control this party.


“Let The Flames Begin.”