Happily ever after … or so I thought

I remember long ago, before I had ever fallen in love with you it was so beautiful. Living out in the open land, free from all pressures.

On the top of this tower. There is a beautiful sight. you can see everything. The animals playing, and birds flying. Trees, flowers, nature at its best.

Stranded here all alone didn’t seem so bad, because I knew you would come. I would have waited for ever.

You turned my world into something complety different. In love with each other.  We were compatible in so many was. You mad me feel complete.

The amazing way we would get lost in time. Like every moment lasted forever. I would look in your eyes and I would see myself. The incredible fairy tale we had created. Nothing had ever felt as right.

Slowly things changed, he changed. The love I had made me change with him. Did anything to make him feel Okay. I would slowly give my all to make myself what he wanted me to be. If he needed something, or was looking for something he could just look at me. I would turn into what he was looking for.

I was the person you’ve always wanted see. I was the person who changed to your needs. Tried to show you how to love me with no masks, but made that mistake.
Wanted to believe
we would have a happy ending
Wanted to believe
That you would leave a little of me
If what you see is what you don’t need, stop looking for it in me. When you know its what I don’t have.

If what you see goes away with your loneliness. It will never come back”

The last time I looked in your eyes I saw a complete stranger. That’s when I realized that you let me change complety. Letting me give my all, with nothing in return. I ran away to find myself again forget you. I ran and ran and ran….

I found myself looking up at the tower that once upon a time… made me so happy. The sight was so different dark gloomy and different, just like I had changed

Making my way to the top I remembered who I was.
One I was at the top I saw everything so clear like never before. The once dark, gloomy, frightening view changed back to the peacefull, bright, lovely, serene, paradise.

I look all around and I see him standing there pleading me to come back

“What do I do”

“What would you do”