Being the new kid is almost never good. Being the outsider looking in. New classes, new people, new everything.

Everything had been going wrong that day. First class I fall triped over a backpack, the embarrassment made me feel like my face was blood red just wanted to run away. As I made my way through the classroom, I imagined people talking about me. When I sat down I heard some one whisper to me. I tried to ignore it but got more and more annoying so I turned. This amazing girl was trying to catch my attention. So mesmerizing, as soon as I laid eyes on her couldn’t look away. nothing, nothing at all could distract me from this beauty. Perfect face, amazing eyes everything was going so slow. As she spoke with her silky voice made forget about all the horrible things that had happened to me

All week something had to go wrong at least once a day, but could always count on her to make my day so much better. She had that affect with everyone. Everyone was her friend and she will make you know it. It was an incredible feeling to be around her. She always sat at the same place at lunch surrounded by people, but she would go out her way to help you if you need it.  Always a ray of sunshine.

Everything was perfect for a couple months her and I were best friends, but it seems to be when everything is going perfectly right tragedy strikes.

Another normal day. I would always meet her at the same spot, she was nowhere to be found. I was concerned, but went to school in hope she was there. Half a had passed and no one had a clue to where she was. Everyone started to wonder where she was. I called her at home on her cell and I couldn’t get a hold of her. The next day I waited for her at the same spot we always got together. Waiting and waiting but she was nowhere to be found. I started to get more worried about her.she didn’t show up all week. I couldn’t understand why she would miss a hole week of school without notice. Everything changed with her gone. People where more bitter, angry, sad, wierd.

After a week of guessing, wondering, imagining what could have happened to her. She shows up, I could see her from a distance I was incredibly happy to see her. She was getting closer and closer, I had noticed something different about her. She would always walk up to me and give me a hug, but today was different. She walked faster than usual right passed me and not even a hello. I followed her trying to get some answers, but she would go faster and ignoring me. All day was very awkward everyone tried to talk to her but she would shove them away.

Weeks had passed and she was not the same happy young woman I had meet. She was a cold, frigid, depressed person. I could see bruises on her neck, because that all we could see. She would always wear dark baggy clothes. Always alone I had stopped feeling sorry for her. I knew I had to do something about it.

The next day I had to get through to her even if it killed me. I saw
Her coming out of a classroom and she saw me, so she went the other way. Knowing I was going to try to talk to her. I followed her, but she keeped running away I chased her until she reached her car, she had fallen and ripe her long sleeved shirt. I ran faster to help her when I seen scars fresh scares on her wrist. I grabed her arm and yelled “what the hell is wrong with you?” She looked at me and just stared.
We sat there looking at each other knowing I couldn’t rush her into telling me. After a long wait she started to cry all I could do was hold her. I felt her pain deep inside, wondering what or who could could be so horrible to make her feel like this.

“I’m sorry” she said to me and before I could answer she continued “I’m not the same anymore my life has been permanently marked. I was raped I was raped by my stepfather abused by my mother.I tried to commit suicide I can’t deal with all the pain they inflict on me.” “So why do you cut yourself are stupid” I blurted out without thinking…….. they way she answered me I will never forget “do you see these I did it, I cut myself. I feel the pain like I feel the pain they inflict on me, but the difference is that when I can’t deal with the pain from the cuts I can stop it but the pain they caused me will never stop hurting “