Christmas. A word everyone knows, yet not everyone celebrates it the same way. Most of us spend the precious moments with our family. Enjoying every second together. But as for Elizabeth well ….. that’s a different story.
Elizabeth was a very beautiful young woman, who loved all the material things. She had started this Christmas like the last few years full day at the spa…(phone rings) she ignores it. After the day at spa she goes shopping for last second gifts (phone rings again) she ignores it. Going thru the store she buys everything for herself, (phone rings yet again) that’s when she realizes she hadn’t got anything for her mother, father, or brother. So she picks up three $20 gift cards and she’s on her way home.
Since her home didn’t have a parking spot she would always use the one next-door , an orphanage with about eight kids. She would not even look at them, just so they won’t ask for even a second of her time. Yet there was a little girl beautiful humble child, that would catch her attention. She would just ignore her feelings and walk into her home as quickly as her feet could take her. 
when she walked into her empty yet beautiful home she felt sad, but shock it off. Happy with what she had gotten, she had forgotten all about her family and the little girl. Her selfishness had shelled her from all her sad feeling toward her family, but not completely. She still had an emptiness inside. Trying to replace it with material things. Sitting in her well decorated living room, sitting across her very expensive television on her luxurious sofa unsure of what she could do that night. She decided to go for a walk. She graded her coat and as she stepped out the door, the phone rang. She knew who it was, but decided to ignore it.
It was a very amazing night white snow all over, Christmas lights on everyone’s houses. Across the street she saw a family having dinner all together happy very happy. She felt the hole grow deeper and deeper. She kept walking  thinking about her own family. She kept walking and walking. She finally ended up in the same place she had started. In front of her house, she had no where to go. Walking up her stairway she heard something in the distance. She ignores it, keeps walking to her doorway she hers it again. It was a little girl crying, she decided to go see what had happen. The little girl sitting on the curve all alone crying.”What’s wrong” she asks, the little girl turns away.”What’s wrong” she insisted To the little girl, when she responded upset “WHY”. Unaware what she meant, she asked again “what’s wrong”. The little girl stood up quickly, looked at her strait into the eyes.”WHY you don’t even care so why are you pretending to care”. Elizabeth just stood there shocked at the truth. She tried to explain why she acted that way but not even she knew why. Her face fell to the floor just ashamed to how he made her feel. When she looked up to say something to the little girl she was gone.
The next day she woke up feeling like she had to do something to mend what had happened. She was thinking what she could do but nothing came to her mind. Heading out on her way to the store she saw the Director of the orphanage taking groceries inside, she ran up to her and helped her take them inside. When she would walk inside the small orphanage everyone cramped inside. She couldn’t help but to feel sorry for them as she compares her big home to this very small house.”How many kids live her” she asked the woman.”We had twelve at the beginning of the year but thankfully four of them were adopted” she answered “would you be joining us for dinner” she asked.”No sorry I can’t stay” she quickly answered.”Why not” she asked, but Elizabeth had nothing to answer because she didn’t have anywhere to go. After a few seconds she decided to stay under one condition that she would help make the food. Making her way further inside she notices all the old furniture, ripped mattresses, old worn out cloths. She felt the need to do something to help. They got to the kitchen and she saw nothing just an old stove and refrigerator, nothing else. The woman asked Elizabeth to get something from the refrigerator and there was nothing but a half gallon of milk and some old fruits. When the food was ready the woman called all of the kids to the dining room to eat. One by one they took there plate of food and expressed there gratitude. Elizabeth kept looking for the little girl, but she was nowhere to be found. She asked the woman about the little girl. The woman said “she is still upset”.”Why what happened” she asked. She really wanted a doll for Christmas but, we couldn’t get any toys for the kids this year. She sat at the table with the kids enjoying the rest of the evening. It was the most fun she had in a very long time. When she got home she didn’t feel the emptiness as much as before. She snuggled in her big bed thinking about all the fun she had and what she could do to help them more. As soon as she closed her eyes she smelled smoked but, she ignores it. The smell got stronger and stronger each second that passed. Then she heard screams and thought it was weird.

When all of a sudden the screams stopped. She looks out her window she sees huge red flames coming from the orphanage. She runs as fast as she could to see if she could do anything to help, calling 911 on the way. She keeps running closer when she sees the little girl covered in smoke saying to herself “its my fault, its my fault”.”Are you okay sweetie” she asked covering her with her coat.”its all my fault” she crys. The firefighters rushed into the house trying to save the people inside. After hours of excruciating wait they stop the fire. The firefighters walk up to Elizabeth and ask if the little girl in her arms was one of the orphans.”Yes she is scared you can’t take her she seems traumatized she has been though so much”she said.”she can stay for tonight but, social services will pick her up tomorrow morning” the fireman answered. Confused she asked “why would social services pick her up.” The fireman didn’t know how to break the news.”She is the only one who survived” he told her. She had a plain stare on her face she felt completely numb. She took her upstairs to her home and blamed herself saying to herself “if I would have just got up sooner” when the phone rings she let’s the machine get it “baby its you mother I’ve called you several times and you haven’t returned my phone calls I’m very worried please call.” “Ough I don’t have time for you now” she said aloud.”You should make time” the little girl whispered, “what did you say hun?” “All I wanted  was a doll its all my fault” she crys.”Don’t say that its not your fault”, she tells her.”how could it not be I was so selfish and that caused this I was mad at the world now all I want is my family but now I could never see them again, you should make time for your family.” Just like she had realized what the little girl was saying was true she felt her heart shatter how could an eight year girl understand what had happened and teach me how to deal with it. Don’t wait until to late to spend time with the ones you love. Live this moment we never knew what could happen.
Because the past is behind us, the future is unknown that’s why today is a “present”
Have you told your loved ones how much they mean to you?
Marry Christmas and Happy New years