Have you ever had a love that consumes you? I have. Love at first sight, its what it was, as our eyes locked for the first time. A rush of emotion. Took my breath away it all started with a phone call. Thinking nonstop, when will she call again. eager to hear her voice, touch her face be near her presence. Something that had never happened to me before.
As soon as I have had a taste I couldn’t, couldn’t have enough every second I didn’t have it was a painful eternity. I was a drunk looking for some booze , A heroin addict looking for a fix. Everywhere I look I would see her. Was it love? Could love do this to me? What could it be? …. it was her, she had me under her spell. Knowingly she had me hooked. Made me need her like nothing else mattered, not even the air I breath. Just like that she vanished leaving me with a hole inside I couldn’t fill. 
Lost . What could I do she left, and everything I had now known had left I run in hopes to find her I search high and low. nothing, nothing, paralyzed in the middle of the street. Unable to move. The moonlight shining on me as it starts to rain… I felt like
“Outside the rains pouring down, there’s not a drop that hits me. Scream out the sky but no sound, is leaving from within. It’s like I can’t even feel, after the way you touched me. I’m not awake, I’m not asleep after the way you loved me.”
I’m now a “sleepwalker” to love, to my thoughts, to life well whatever that this obsession had left me.