It was one of the nights, if not the night I will always remember.

The sun seemed to be setting slower than any other day before. The way the colors in the sunset slowly blended to the edge of the world was perfection, red, orange, and yellow one overlapping the other perfectly. A beautiful sight that couldn’t be better, but that wasn’t the thing that had caught my attention.

Something more amazing in every way possibble. A face of an angel and lips so delicate. The way he said my name made my heart skipped a beat, when he touched me I felt warmth through out all my body. When he held me it felt like we were two puzzle pieces fitting perfectly together, like we were meent for each other. Even though we had only just meet not even three hours ago. Before the sun will show its face again we will go our separate ways and never see one another ever again.

That was something we had both decided moments before. It was something we both wanted, something we both dreamed of, A passion so intense a love that could never be tainted. With him I felt safe sane confident loved in so many was, was I never even knew were even possible. That night so special that it lasted an eternity , but ended so abruptly. No words were needed to express how we felt for one another.

I felt the heat of the morning creeping up on me . Like a painful reminder of the reality I would  be going to wake to, a reality where the love of my life will be no more. The moment we were dreading had come, which meant it was the moment to part. I will always remember the last words he told me, echoing in the back of my head as he fades away to a place I could never find, a place where I could never find him.

(you are the only one) his word echo.

I walked the opposite direction. Every step I took felt heavier than the last. His words screaming in my head. I couldn’t help but feel like every step I took was wrong.

I stopped, wondering if he felt the same way I did, and if he did how would we be able to live our lives with this emptiness in our heart. I thought I could love with my heart, body, mind, and, soul and just walk away like nothing had happened. That was not how I was feeling. Terrified to think he had not felt the same was but, I had to go back. I had to know!

As I came closer to the place were we parted, many thoughts came to my head horrible thoughts like he left forever. I panicked at the thought of never seeing him again. I came closer to the tree where we had stayed. I looked all over and he was no where to be found. I felt so horrible, because I had a chance to tell him to stay and I didn’t. Disappointed at myself, beating myself for not doing anything.

“you are the one” I heard him from a close distance.

“I couldn’t leave without knowing if you felt the same ” I turned as soon as I heard his voice. I ran to him and never let him go again.